Gouaches of Maurice Raymond (at Jean-de-Brébeuf)

Article entitled Les gouaches de Maurice Raymond (at Jean-de-Brébeuf), by Maurice Huot, published in the journal “La Patrie”, on Monday, October 24th, 1955.

Mr. Maurice Raymond is exhibiting some forty gouaches, in a perspective of modern painting based on tradition and classicism, at the collège Jean-de-Brébeuf until November 2nd. One may not like every single painting by Mr. Raymond, but generally speaking, one can only admire his stringent logic, his insight, his asceticism which translates into a tendency towards unadorned rigor.

In these gouaches, the dominant feature is color as well as clean lines. Colors are often rich, and the themes, though sometimes only vaguely suggested, are nevertheless suffused with meditative poetry; among others worth mentioning: “Loggia” and “Magnificat”.

In the lobby, between the two showrooms where these gouaches are exhibited, one can see several landscapes with leafless trees in brown or reddish tones, treated in a manner reminiscent of Cosgrove’s after his stay in Mexico.

As one of Mr. Raymond’s critics says: “His recent works involve just enough references to reality to stimulate the imagination, without distracting us from the essential: the poetry of shades and volumes. They invite us to surrender to our own inner music, activated by the artist’s”.

One could hardly find a better way to describe Mr. Raymond’s work, and we totally subscribe to this opinion.

One might object to Mr. Raymond’s coldness, yet this very coldness is not without beauty.

© Copyright - Maurice Raymond, painter