My Inner Gardens

(Introductory text to his last exhibition in 1992)

Under the sign of confidence and in every tone, these works of modest formats are presented in part to help people get better acquainted with my favored activity.

Free of any professional status or concern for modernity, these are explorations of various styles for sheer pleasure, following the moment’s impulse.

The means are kept simple. Need it be emphasized, the time of elaborate deployments is long gone.

As for the theme, it has to do with the natural environment, the wide open spaces that surround us, which have taken me from garden to “Gardens”.

Maurice Raymond

THE INNER GARDENS (LES JARDINS INTÉRIEURS), “La Pensée” Hall, 1705 Victoria Street, Saint-Lambert

Exhibition Saturday may 28 from 11h30 to 16h00
Sunday may 29 from 11h30 to 16h00
© Copyright - Maurice Raymond, painter